Amesbury Motorcycle Awareness Show: 2018 HillClimb Class Line-up

2018 Class Line-Up

50cc Class (ages 4-8) (0-51cc)
65cc Class (ages 6-11) (0-65cc)
85Jr Class (ages 7-11) (52cc-86cc)
85Sr Class (ages 12-15) (52cc-86cc)
125cc Class (86cc-125cc)
200 Class (126cc-200cc ~ 2 Strokes)
(126cc-250cc ~ 4 Strokes)
250 Class (201cc-250cc)
450 Class (251cc-450cc)
Over 25 ATV Class
600cc Class (451cc-600cc)
Open Stock Wheelbase (Stock bike, no cut tires)
500cc & Up-Push Rod Only Class
Open(Multi Cylinder) Class
Women’s Class
Over 40 Class
600(4) Class (86cc-600cc four stroke only)
Over 50 Class
Open ATV Class
Vintage Class
line up order subject to change

Must be 12 to ride 125 & 200
Must be14 to ride 250cc and up
Must be 16 to ride ATV

​Expo Classes
**Only Available at NEHA events**